San Diego’s most accessible Virtual Reality destination

Hello, unfortunately we do not have the money to reopen as planned.  We are in the process of liquidating our machinery.  If you are interested in purchasing our computers (discounted to $1150) HTC Vives ($800) or our various TVs and furniture please contact me.  If you have a gift card with a current balance or an active membership please contact me for a refund.  Paypal would be the easiest way, but lacking that we can mail a check.

Welcome to Varks Virtual Reality Arcade!

Home of San Diego’s most friendly, affordable, and full featured Virtual Reality Arcade. We love VR! Located conveniently in the Westfield Mission Valley Mall, our staff is knowledgeable and here to assist all levels of VR players from those brand new to VR to the advanced gamer. Our ever-growing list of game titles is curated to only provide the top content available for people of all ages. Our 8 gaming stations are each set up with our custom-built VR gaming PCs and HTC Vive VR headgear offering the highest quality VR experience. We cater to walk-ins or large groups from birthdays to company parties. Feel free to make a reservation online or call us with any questions!

What is VR Like?


Here are our commonly asked questions:

Q: How does it work?

A: We have 8 virtual reality gaming stations, in a station you put on a Virtual Reality headset and use motion controllers to do everything from cooking for robots to blowing up aliens.

Q: How does pricing work?

A: It’s $12 per unit for the first 20 minutes and $6 per unit for every 20 minutes after the first. For example, it would be $24 dollars an hour. Membership pricing available Here.

Q: Can I switch games?

A: Yes! Just ask our friendly staff and we will change your game for you.

Q: Can more than one person play in a station at a time?

A: While we have one game that more than one person can play at a station most of ours support only one person at a time.

Q: Can we take turns with more than one person on a station we’ve rented?

A: Absolutely, it’s your station for the time being.